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Tue, 16 Jul 2024
Message from Head MRC

Head MRC MNIT Jaipur
Dr. Nisha Verma
Head, MRC, MNIT Jaipur

Material Research Centre (MRC) was established at MNIT Jaipur, with the vision to translate the fundamental understanding of materials into sustainable and environmental friendly technologies and products for the social benefits.
MRC is deeply involved in various domains, namely, structural materials, functional materials, nanotechnology, energy materials and computational materials science. With a goal of achieving excellence in education and research.

MRC houses state of the art research facilities equipped with sophisticated instrumentation for synthesizing, characterizing, processing and imaging various types of advanced materials and samples, which makes the MRC, second to none in the country. We offer a unique combination of impressive infrastructure for a wide variety of material processes and characterization. .Users can book the facility online from anywhere and can use our research facilities.

MRC offers a two years M.Tech degree program in Material Science & Engineering and Ph.D. degree program, where course curriculums are uniquely designed, to meet the demand of industries as well as R&D. Department believes in the holistic development of student, leading to a good human being, to serve the nation and society.

I am happy to receive the feedback/suggestions from users and visitors.

Dr. Nisha Verma
Head, MRC, MNIT Jaipur