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Mon, 04 Jul 2022
Current Status of Instruments

S. No. Equipment Name Equipment Status
1 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) Non Operational
2 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Operational
3 BET Surface Area Analyzer Operational
4 Comsol Software Operational
5 Copper grid for TEM Non Operational
6 De-Ionized water unit Operational
7 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) Operational
8 E-Beam/Vacuum Coating Unit Non Operational
9 Electro-Chemical Workstation Non Operational
10 Flourescence Spectrometer Operational
11 FTIR Spectrometer Operational
12 Glow Discharge Spectroscopy (GDS) Non Operational
13 Gold coating Unit Operational
14 Hall Effect Measurement System Operational
15 Impedence Analyzer Operational
16 Liquid Nitrogen Plant Non Operational
17 Mass Spectrometer Operational
18 Micro Hardness Tester Operational
19 Microwave Reactor Operational
20 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR) Operational
21 Optical Microscope Operational
22 Planetary Mono Ball Mill Operational
23 Raman Spectroscopy with PL Operational
24 RF-DC Magnetron Sputtering Unit Non Operational
25 Sample Preparation Lab - Abrasive Cutter Operational
26 Sample Preparation Lab - Hot Mounting Press Operational
27 Sample Preparation Lab - Illion II Operational
28 Sample Preparation Lab - PIPS II Ion Beam Milling Operational
29 Sample Preparation Lab - Twin Jet Tenupol Operational
30 Sample Preparation Lab - Ultra Sonicator Bath & Probe Operational
31 Sample Preparation Lab - Vacuum Impregnator Operational
32 Sample Preparation Lab-Diamond Cutter Operational
33 Sample Preparation Lab-Manual & Automatic Grinder Polisher Operational
34 Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS (FESEM) Operational
35 SDA with Probe Station Operational
36 Sintering Hot Press Machine Non Operational
37 Spin Coater Operational
38 Thermal CVD (Technos Instruments, TCVD2-M, India) Non Operational
39 Thermogravimetric Analyzer (STA-TGA) Operational
40 Transmission Electron Microscope(HRTEM) Non Operational
41 Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Operational
42 UV-VIS NIR Spectrometer Non Operational
43 X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD) Operational
44 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Operational
45 Zeta Potential & Nano Particle Sizer (DLS-Zeta ) Operational