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Sat, 23 Sep 2023
About MRC

In order to augment the infrastructure for advanced research and to attain excellence in innovative research in materials technology, a centre of excellence - Materials Research Centre, has been created under the able support and guidance of the competent authority. The Materials Research Centre (MRC) aims to harness the talent resources of MNIT for promoting interdisciplinary research in appropriate materials technologies. Besides catering to the research needs of the institutional faculty & students, the state of the art research facilities of the Materials Research Centre will also be extended to the scientists, faculty and researchers of other institutes as well as to private sector/ industries. MRC also contemplates instructing qualified potential users on the operation of the available instruments and the interpretation of data. The centre encourages inquiries concerning the development of new methodologies and welcomes contract and potential collaborative work. The equipment procured in Phase I of the Centre has been installed & commissioned. MRC staff and faculty is highly trained and quite thorough on application of these state of the art experimental facilities. The students of MNIT have also received trainings on the equipment & the equipment has been made open to users across the country.